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Treasure Sensory Bags - recycled material

Treasure Sensory Bags - recycled material

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Treasure Sensory bags made from recycled materials from pool inflatables.

These sensory bags create opportunity for children and adults with a developmental age of 5-12 yrs to carry their favourite treasures, items collected on the beach or in nature, their sensory soothing toys, calming touch objects like stones, textured fabrics for independent Sensory modulation in a handy carry pouch. 

Designed and made by an Occupational Therapist for the purpose of exploration, encouragement of self soothing and self-settle when distressed. Destress management and encouragement of self-help skills and developmental milestones in capacity development and learning. 

The Treasure Sensory bag slips over the shoulder as a cross body purse with a handy strap! The purse closes with a zipper. The Treasure Sensory bag is not recommended to be worn when climbing, active play or when at risk of getting caught behind fixed structures such as branches or climbing frames. 

Made from netting from recycled pool inflatables, the betting material has openings to keep it free from sand. Can be washed by hand. 

Size approx 15 X 20 cm. Strap is approx. 140 cm long

Each Treasure Sensory bag is made by re-using, repurposing and recycling pool inflatables. Support our war on plastic waste by supporting sustainable gifts. 


Recycled PVC - inflatables


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