SunnyLife and PLOYS - Recycling Pool inflatables community collaboration


Sunny Life and PLOYS are committed to recycling your Sunnylife pool floats and this has now been made easy thanks to a unique collaboration between PLOYS and Sunny Life! Since April 2021 Sunnylife runs their recycling program through PLOYS as an environmentally focussed partnership ! 

Sunnylife is home to the most iconic and recognisable styles in pool floats, and for Insta-worthy accessories to keep you on top of the latest trends. Designed for kids and adults alike, they've got new and classic styles to suit everyone - whether you're keeping it bold and playful this summer, or it's sophisticated essentials that you're after! 

After all this play has finished your Sunnylife pool float can be up-cycled and re-purposed into ecologically sustainable products to be reused again and again and we are excited to partnering up with Sunnylife. If you have a pool float that is no longer in use we can help recycle this and keeping pvc out of landfill and ocean!

Check out the collection of unique bags and purses made out of Sunnylife pool floats. 
Pool inflatables recycled with PLOYS

Sunnylife proudly launched a PVC Recycling Campaign here in Australia and hope that you take the opportunity to give your pool floats another opportunity to shine via PLOYS 

Simply fill out the form found on the Sunnylife website found under Sunny Service - Recycling Made Easy!

Please make sure the pool float is completely clean and we will send you a shipping label so you can post it for free to be recycled.