WAHU and PLOYS - Sustainable Partnership in Recycling Plastic Pool Inflatable waste

Wahu and PLOYS recycling pool inflatables

WAHU has connected with PLOYS through pledging their commitment to the environment by recycling pool inflatables. We are pleased to officially announce WAHU as a recognised sustainable business, who supports the community to donate their punctured pool inflatables for recycling with PLOYS this November to January period. 

Support recycling and repurposing of WAHU pool inflatables into PLOYS’ unique bags and purses and check out our incredible range of products and accessories. 

Who is WAHU

Wahu, a homegrown Aussie brand since 1999, embraces all aspects of the classic, aussie outdoor lifestyle. Indeed, if it's fun you fancy, Wahu is a way of life.

At Wahu believes in letting the good times rip! Every year their unique games and beach toys for kids join thousands of Australian families on weekend trips to the beach, to pool parties, and of course to the backyard barbeque.

After endless hours of outdoor play and hilarity, their inflatable pool toy range, backyard games and floating toys which inspire kids to enhance imaginative and active play, also now create opportunity to save plastic from landfill and oceans. This November 2023 to January 2024, Wahu is running an exciting recycle program in partnership with PLOYS.

Wahu toys not only speak the language of fun, the WAHU way of life now includes recycling of their pool inflatables through PLOYS - Aussie business collaborating to reduce plastic waste! 

Click on the RECYCLE link to access their free recycle program with PLOYS.  

 WAHU and PLOYS working together in recycling pool inflatablesPLOYS pool toy recycling

Wahu Bluey toys recycled with PLOYS design