From pool inflatable to unique bag - recycling pool inflatables

The transformation from punctured pool inflatable to unique bag.

The process from punctured PVC pool float or air mattress, to a one-off unique bag, starts from collecting/receiving the PVC. We then start with cleaning and drying the PVC, followed by cutting out the PVC pattern pieces; carefully selecting the most suited parts of the pool float or air mattress, making the most of its quirky characteristics. Often placing the cut PVC in a press to flatten and remove wrinkles. 

Depending on the thickness of the PVC and fabric, we reinforce the seams and handles. Using ripstop tape on stress seams and corners and interfacing along the stitched areas. We use a widened stitch to ensure our stitching doesn’t perforate the PVC or weakens the seam.

We stand by our product for it to be durable. Please follow the guidelines of use under warranty and quality assurance. 

The total creation process to make one Tote bag takes up to 2 hours...a process done through the love of repurposing and reducing plastic waste by creating new product through a circular loop.