The recycling process from discarded pool inflatable to unique bag

The recycling process from discarded pool inflatable to unique bag

 The process of creating a unique bag from discarded pool inflatables, starts with you! We love
receiving your punctured pool inflatable! Either through one of our collection points or by post. 
As a thank you for helping us to save our planet from plastic waste, we send you our PLOYSHERO  $10 voucher when we receive your pool inflatable in the post 

Collecting punctured pool inflatables for recycling
     Once we have received your pool inflatable, we get      
 started by cleaning and drying the pool toy, (if needed) dismantling it; which involves cutting through the sides of the pool toy and cutting the connecting PVC strips in the body of the pool toy, to create two flat halves. 
Now we can get the pattern pieces cut, by choosing the most quirky details of the inflatable. At this point the pattern pieces often needs to be placed in the press to remove any wrinkles. 

Cleaning pool inflatables for recycling
Time to start constructing the bag by using a special sewing machine foot and ensuring that all the seams and stitching is sturdy and reinforced where needed.  
The bag then gets lined with recycled fabric or the seams are finished with PVC strips or gross grain tape. During this process the shoulder straps are fitted and a quality zip. 

The final quality check happens now to ensure the bag is ready for sale.  This includes checking the seams, straps and finishings. This completes the manufacturing process and makes the bag ready for PLOYS marketing and photo shoot.    

This whole process from receiving the pool inflatable to a finished bag takes approximately 1.5 hours. This of course does not include our trips around the state to empty the collection bins...
At PLOYS we like to give new lease on life for this discarded pool inflatable 🌏. 

The recycling process of pool floats
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