Sustainable Mother's Day Gifts!

Sustainable Mother's Day Gifts!

How can you surprise mum with a unique gift this Mother's Day? 

Well it's not too late yet to buy one of PLOYS' bags of purses, made from recycled pool inflatables!

PLOYS bags are especially great for the mum who is environmentally conscious, wants to reduce plastic waste, cares for sustainablefashion, likes repuposed accessories and most if all stands out in her own unique way! 

Still unsure what the buy? How about; Earrings in unique sewn shapes as a fashion statement, a Large Carry All bag for the sporty mum, a Zip Top Tote for the mum who like swimming or a handy Wet n Dry bag, which doubles as a Document folder for those work meetings, or a Messenger bag for the new mum as perfect sustainable Nappy bag! If completely at a a PLOYS gift card! 

Jump into store as it's not too late to order and receive on time for May 8th! 

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