Recycle Soft Plastic PVC from Pool Inflatables

Recycle Soft Plastic PVC from Pool Inflatables

PLOYS gladly takes punctured discarded pool inflatables and turns them into unique bags and purses to give them a new life. A true Circular Loop economy.

Ploys Creative Concepts in Disguise is a recycling profit for purpose business in Queensland who recycles all pool inflatables, pool toys, air mattresses, umbrellas and shower curtains into functional products.

Did you know that it takes up to 1000 years for PVC to disintegrate!? That shows there is a whole lot of life left in your old paddle pool or pool floatie!

Please contact us on if you have any pool inflatables that you would like to give a new life instead of throwing in the waste bin! Become a PLOYSHERO when you donate us your pool inflatable and receive a $10 voucher to use in shop (for purchases over $35)

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