Plastic Recycling not a Viable Market?

Plastic Recycling not a Viable Market?

Plastic Recycling not a Viable Market?

How do you support the recycling of (soft) plastics? This includes plastic from your food packaging, plastic bags, yet also plastic from pool inflatables! Do you commit to paying more in support of our environment? 

5 months since soft plastic recycling collapsed We are no further in recommending the recycling.

"There is not the market for buy back" is what Gayle Sloan Waste Management Resource Recovery Association states. This is the hard truth yet unacceptable at the same time! 

Lack of infrastructure’s and investment in recycling, the cost of sorting, cleaning all add to the lack of economic viability. The forgotten cost to collect it from the consumer, the sorting and time for repurposing into a new product is not recognised by the consumer and this against competing prices make it a struggle for Redcycle yet painfully shared by PLOYS when attempting to re-sell recycled product made from pool inflatables. 

It is not economically viable due to limited buy back! Bumbag made from recycled pool inflatables

This is exactly what PLOYS' is facing. There has been little sales this year so far. We have seen that only certain consumer groups are willing to buy back as they are seeing the true cost on the environment.

Australia is way behind only 16% in last four years of soft plastics has been recycled states Tanya Plibersek, minister for Environment and Water.  

Not enough buyers to purchase material after it has been processed getting someone to buy it is the biggest thing

No viable market

Not economically viable to create a scheme

Demand for plastic yet not followed by mainstream

A shift of the industry is needed, so that people who use soft plastics are required to enter into contracts to buy it back says Gayle Sloan Waste Management Resource Recovery Association.

Chris foley AFCO economics of collecting, soft plastic to be turned back into packaging is costly yet needed.

Stricter regulations need to follow if we don’t move faster on recycling and buyback says Tanya Plibersek, minister for Environment and Water

Let's support buy-back not just the collecting and donating of punctured pool inflatables... Yet seeking the repurposed product instead of meanstream mass industry product. 

As heard on ABC radio 10 April

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