Plastic Free July - Reusing & Recycling Pool inflatables! New Product Launch!

Plastic Free July - Reusing & Recycling Pool inflatables! New Product Launch!

For two and a half years we have been reusing and reducing plastic waste through repurposing of pool inflatables. For us it is Plastic Free July the whole year round! Yet each year we try to design and create a new product in our selection that promotes reuse of PVC! 

This year's new product for Plastic Free July is the Reusable Straw Case made from recycled pool inflatables! A perfect sustainable way for drip free and washable storage of your reusable straw after enjoying your Bubble Tea, Boba, Smoothies or milkshakes! 

Reusable Straw Cases from recycled pool inflatables

Why do we do this? Reusing PVC from ex pool inflatables is a way to reduce the making of and use of new virgin plastics, reducing the mining of oil and petroleum,  reducing the creating of emissions in the production process yet also during disintegration of waste, green house gasses escape.

Yet the most important reason for reusing soft PVC from pool inflatables, is that this product is not recyclable through mainstream waste collections. Resulting in it becoming a plastic waste that disintegrates over a process of hundreds of years and enters our water ways and as a micro plastic re-enters our food cycles, harms our wildlife and oceans life. Not the circular loop that we like to create! 

Instead use and buy recycled products, not just this Plastic Free July, yet every day! 

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