Happy Easter with less Plastic

Happy Easter with less Plastic

This Easter PLOYS has some unique sustainable products that will carry the message of reducing plastic waste!

Each year we see so much alu foil from chocolate Easter eggs, plastic Easter eggs packaging and soft plastic wrapping being thrown into waste...

Tip: did you know that you can collect and scrunch up your chocolate Easter egg alu into a ball (size tennis ball) and throw into your recycle bin instead into your waste bin!

And there is no better way to promote plastic recycling and show the message of reduce-reuse, than using our organiser baskets/flower pots as Easter baskets, that are made from, of course, punctured pool inflatables!

Without having to announce your eco values, or keep telling your family members of the importance of being environmentally conscious, our organiser baskets send that message to your guests naturally through display on your Easter breakfast or brunch table! 

To top that off why not grab yourself the one and only Bunny Boho bag, made from recycled Easter banners, that used to liven up the main Street in a rural Queensland town. 

Reusing and recycling is the message this Easter! 

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