Extend the life of your pool float

Extend the life of your pool float



If you want to buy an inflatable float, choose a thicker and more durable PVC than some of the lower priced floats on the market, meaning they will last longer and feel better to float on. Plus, choose a  heavyweight vinyl that is phthalate free (DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DNoP and DIDP), BPA free and Lead free to ensure all the nasties are removed and they are safe for little kiddies and the big kids alike!

Wondering how to properly take care of your inflatable?... Check out our Float Care Tips below and get the most out of your float before it arrives at our doorstep for recycling!

Don’t Over Inflate Your Float 

The amount of air in your float will shrink and expand depending on a whole heap of factors, the weather being the biggest one. This means that heat from the sun will increase the amount of air in your float.

Unfortunately, if your float is already inflated to capacity and you take it out for a day in the summer sun, it will likely over inflate and get a hole in it.

When you are inflating your new float make sure you don’t get rid of all the wrinkles (they’ll go away eventually). Once inflated, the float should be firm but not hard to avoid damage and punctures.

Air Can Shrink in The Cold

Please keep in mind that the air in your float will also shrink in cold weather and water. For example, if you leave your new float friend out overnight you might wake up to find it looking a little droopy. This it totally normal, it just needs a bit of a pump up and you’ll be ready spend the day out on the water again.

Store Your Float In A Dry, Cool Place.

Most floats are made from super durable 0.20-0.30mm, Phthalate free PVC that can withstand some pretty crazy weather. However, even the hardiest of materials don’t like being exposed to the elements 24/7.

We recommend that once you’re done enjoying your float, dry it off, you either store it inflated (if you have the space) or deflate it, and store in a cool, dry place.

Keeping your float inflated over night won’t be a disaster, but we recommend that you avoid storing them in direct sunlight for long periods of time. This way, your new float friend can hang around for as long as possible!

Keep Your Float Clean

Salt and chlorine can have a detrimental effect on most materials, so we recommend that you give your float a rinse off in fresh water after use and put it out to air dry. No soap needed, just keep it simple and your new float friend will stay looking brand-new for much longer.

Broken pool Inflatable

How to Fix your Pool Float 

To determine where the air leak is coming from, start by fully inflating the float. You’ll need to leave the air in the float throughout the entire patching process as this makes it easier to repair. Once the float is fully inflated and the air valve is closed, you can determine the source of the leak through one of the following methods:

  1. Submerge the float in water. The leak will produce air bubbles in the water, making it easy to spot.
  2. Spray the area you think the leak is coming from with a cleaning product, then rub the cleaning product around. When you see bubbles consistently forming in one area, that is the air leak.

Once you find the source of the leak, cover it with a piece of tape or make a small mark over it so it can be easily identified when it’s time to make the repair. The float will then need to be completely dry before you begin patching it up.

Using the Right Tools

Before you can repair the leak, you will need to have the right patching tools on hand. Some inflatables come with a patch, or you may have to purchase a repair kit. You can also opt for a strong adhesive that’s not necessarily geared toward repairing leaks, like a shoe glue, depending on the size of the hole and the item you’re repairing. Whatever sealant you choose, just be sure that it’s flexible, strong and waterproof.

If you don’t use a patch, you might try duct tape to seal the hole. Just keep in mind that if the leak is on the seam of the inflatable, then duct tape and patches will not work due to the position.

Recycle Your Float

When your pool float has finally decide it cannot hold it together any longer...and you've tried everything...Send or drop your punctured pool float to us at PLOYS so we can give it an afterlife! 

What Happens to Your Punctured Pool Float?

At PLOYS we repurpose it into a unique bag or purse!

Click the link above to see what can be made from your old broken float!



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