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Rings from Marine Debris and Vegan Resin - variety of colours

Rings from Marine Debris and Vegan Resin - variety of colours

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These absolutely unique rings are made from marine debris and beach microplastics set in vegan, plant based eco resin and are true little ocean scapes.

Marine debris found on Queensland beaches or brought up from the ocean floor by dive expeditions.  

Unique statement pieces of eco plant based vegan resin set with carefully created seascapes of plastic cleared off local beaches, ocean debris, tiny shells and flakes of gold leaf with swirls of blue translucent dye. And what's more these rings are not made from plastic based resin, yet contain 77% plant based eco resin!

Plant based resin might temporarily react to humidity which can cause some clouding which will clear by itself again. Made by Nu4UCreative in a joint passion to reduce our plastic ocean problem.

Rings come in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

When looking for a unique sustainable eco gift that reduces plastic marine and ocean waste! Colours might vary slightly in different light. 


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