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Maxi Purses, Zippered Pouches or Wet bags - recycled inflatables - variety of colours

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This Maxi Purse is made from recycled and repurposed pool inflatables. A perfect weatherproof zippered pouch, wet bag or pencilcase, ideal to store your desk stationary items, your cosmetics and/or sanitary items and the maxi size works well as wet and dry bag for your swimmers. And ideal as toiletry bag! 

Size of these sustainable Maxi Purses is 30 x 20 cm. Sizing is approximate, as all purses are handmade. The front of the purse has a colourful pattern, while the back is in one matching colour. 

Join us in doing right for your environment by purchasing repurposed product! Sustainable fashion, while preventing PVC from ending up in landfill.  Perfect pencilcase for teachers educating their students on sustainability. 

This purse is ideal for organising your bag when going away, instead of having items loose in your bag. Our purses are also available in different designs as our small, medium and large sizes.

All our products are wipeable and can be hand rinsed in warm soapy water. 


Recycled PVC - inflatables


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